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What is Snus?

Snus is essentially either loose or portioned. The most common ingredient in loose snus is ground tobacco, which comes in three grades: coarse, medium, and fine grind. You make a bit of loose snus in your hand, then insert it under your top lip. Tre Ankare snus, the first snus packaged in small paper pouches – known today as Original Portion, was launched in the 1970s. Many preferred this type of snus since they did not have to form a portion of the snus with their fingers. There was less chance of a mess and spilling. Snus entered a new age as a result of this. Twenty years after that, White Portion was introduced. Compared to the typical original portions, the pouch’s surface is dryer, delivers less drop, and provides a longer-lasting taste release. There is now a product called All White Portions that, in contrast to other portion snus, is all white before, during, and after use.

Loose Snus

The appearance of loose snus has not changed in 200 years. Snus is formed into a portion by the user with their hands, offering an immediate and powerful flavour release under the lip. There are three types of ground tobacco used to make loose snus: coarse, medium, and fine grind.

Original Portion

In the 1970s, there was a desire for snus that was pre-packaged, which gave rise to Original Portion. The tobacco is wet after being packaged in pouches during production. Similar to loose snus, original pieces have a moist surface, are dark in colour, and instantly release taste and nicotine. Simply “portion snus” is a common abbreviation for Original Portion.

White Portion

White Portion Snus was launched in 1998. The pouch delivers less drop because it is not moistened during production, in contrast to Original Portion. White Portions are similar to normal portion snus in that they are mostly formed of tobacco, but they are drier on the surface for less salivation and a longer-lasting release of taste and nicotine.

All White Portion

Compared to conventional snus, All White contains a higher percentage of cellulose and less tobacco. The portions are whiter than the typical White Portion thanks to the lower tobacco content and all-white pouch. Since the portions are entirely dry, it may take a few seconds before the user detects the flavour or effects of the nicotine.

Portion Snus Sizes


Snus still tends to be consumed in large portions. Since it is a full-sized pouch, nicotine and flavour are released under the lip in an efficient manner. Depending on the product and brand, a large serving typically includes between 0.65 and 1.1 grams of snus.


The Slim part is larger in size but slimmer to fit under the lip more comfortably. Compared to Large servings, this serving has less runniness and a sustained taste release. Between 0.7 and 0.9 grams of snus are contained in a piece of Slim.

Super Slim

A brand-new part snus called Super Slim is more discrete and slimmer than Slim portion. Despite being particularly small, the taste and nicotine feel are comparable to that of a Slim Portion snus. A Slim serving has 0.5 grams of snus in it.


The Mini size is the smallest and was created for those who prefer a little, covert pouch. Each portion contains between about 0.3 and 0.5 grams of snus, depending on the brand and product.
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